Modifying the Manage License Button

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Modifying the Manage License Button

Modifying the Manage License Button

The Installed Modules page will output a Manage License link on the Status column. The URL linked to this will be pulled from the Author URI key available in your plugins header. Below you can find information on modifying the outputted buttons text.

Filter Definition

The filter that should be used is in the form of osdxp_manage_button_module_{$SLUG}, where {$SLUG} is your modules folder or main plugin file, in sluggified format.

For example, a plugin called My First Plugin with its main plugin file located at /wp-content/plugins/my-first-plugin/my-first-plugin.php will have its slug as my-first-plugin and its filter will be osdxp_manage_button_module_my-first-plugin.

You can use this filter to change the text output on the installed modules page

Filter Return Value

The function hooked in the osdxp_manage_button_module_{$SLUG} should return a string.

Example Code

Below you can find an example implementation of the osdxp_manage_button_module_{$SLUG} filter, using a plugin called my-plugin-example.

function ()
//Will output "View Website" instead of the default "Manage License"
return 'View Website';

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