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Getting Started

Getting Started

This documentation is structured around the assumption that you already have the basic knowledge required to create a WordPress Plugin.


Via the release asset

  • Open the latest release, available from the releases page here.

  • Download the file from the release assets.

  • Upload and install in your WordPress instance as a regular plugin.

  • Enjoy!

Via the repo

  • Clone the repository in /wp-content/plugins/osdxp-dashboard

  • Run composer install.

  • Enjoy!

Via Composer

  • Run composer require osdxp/osdxp-dashboard.

  • Enjoy!

Building assets

  • To compile source JS and SCSS files there are several options available.

  • First, run npm install to pull missing dependencies.

  • Run npm run build to compile development-focused, unminified files.

  • Run npm run prod to compile production-ready, minified files.

  • Run npm run watch or npm run watch-prod to compile with browsersync enabled(injecting modifications without page reload).

  • Enjoy!

Plugin Conversion

If you already have a plugin developed and would like to convert it to be compatible with osDXP, following this developer reference will provide you with the required information to achieve osDXP compatibility.


Below you can find examples of osDXP plugin conversions, available from the osDXP GitHub organization repos.


For transparency into our release cycle and in striving to maintain backward compatibility, osDXP Dashboard is maintained under the Romantic Versioning guidelines. Sometimes we screw up, but we adhere to those rules whenever possible.

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