What features are included in osDXP?

What features are included in osDXP?

The osDXP project is an evolving project that we hope to continue to add more features and participating companies as the project continues.

The osDXP Project approaches creating the best possible client and website guest experience by creating a focused task-based editorial workflow in the back-end for client editorial staff, and the extension and augmentation of Enterprise class standards for add-on modules to extend functionality.

Within the osDXP WordPress plugin, version 1.0 has focused on a more rubust module management with unified premium license management all in a new standardized central location, and creating new framework of guidelines to augment the existing WordPress best practices in extending turn on module UX and configurations two more standardized format.

Additionally, version one of the OSD XP project launched with several add on modules supporting this new direction, you can view them here. We have module guidelines for each new feature or add-on, you can view the guidelines here.

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