Thank You for Coming to Mumbrella Asia 2019!

We hope you enjoyed our talk: "Forget the Jargon, Open-Source DXPs can Fuel Game-Changing Innovation"

As promised, we have included the following information below: 

  • Contact Form to get in touch with us or to ask questions
  • Downloadable presentation from Mumbrella Asia 360
  • Downloadable Open Source DXP Explained white paper with deep content about DXP advantages and total cost of ownership as presented for CMOs
Mumbrella 360 Asia 2019 DXP Presentation
Karim Marucchi at Mumbrella 360 Asia 2019

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Download the Presentation

Download the presentation file from Mumbrella Asia 360.

The Advantages of an Open Source DXP Explained

Download the white paper, The Advantages of an Open Source DXP Explained, created in partnership with CrowdFavorite and WP Engine.

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