An Open Source Framework
for Digital Experience Platforms

The osDXP framework project is a powerful collaboration between some of the most experienced professional service and product firms in Open Source coming together to create a new approach for enterprise-grade WordPress based digital experience platforms.


Most Popular CMS + Open Source MarTech = osDXP

Unifying the Customer Experience & Editor Workflow

Marketing, Sales, and Technology are no longer separate at the enterprise level, all three components must work together to build a brand, support customers and drive revenue. There are various tools in the marketplace that promise a simple solution, but inevitably require intense customization, time or resources. osDXP simplifies this process with streamlined interface that reduces on-boarding and increases ROI.

This allows the enterprise to take advantage of the strength of keeping different data sets in their best systems of record while having access to that data in a unified DXP.

Keeping strategic control and avoiding vendor lock-in

osDXP increases functionality, and flexibility, while reducing hidden costs and pains of customization. Traditionally switching to a new platform or frame work would require hours of research, months of preparation, thousands of dollars and a dedicated team. osDXP has functionality that makes the hurdles of change a thing of the past. 

osDXP combines cutting-edge technology
with Enterprise-grade business logic.

Experience the ease of an enterprise
WordPress platform.

osDXP is the result of a demand for a platform to integrate data with applications to ensure a consistent, comprehensive experience.

Approachable Architecture

osDXP is has made it easy for more departments to customize content. Developers can still customize code, while marketers can curate custom content. 

Action Oriented

The simplified interface is designed for quick, application of strategy. 

Customer Experience

Personalized content and improved digital experience is just the start of the functionalities of osDXP.

Open Source Partners

Experienced professional service and product firms have partnered to provide best in class, enterprise-approved modules for osDXP.
Learn more here. 

osDXP Framework is designed for ease of use.

Craft personal experiences for customers

Build complex, highly dynamic, and personalized websites rapidly.

Platform functions across several departments and systems

Manage your marketing, eCommerce and teams from a single login.

Centralized framework allows for easy integration and updates

Advanced functionality ready to use with new features and patches applied continuously.

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